Avatar Bobble Battles

Avatar Bobble Battles

A great version of the Avatar cartoon in a great and fun game

The amazing cartoon of Avatar is now in a great adventure and action game. Avatar Bobble Battles is a strategic game for friends and family entertainment. You will love battles and action in this arcade. You command the elements of water, earth and fire, such as the time line.
With these armies you will decide the outcome of your favorite Battles and attack on the Northern water tribe, and the siege of Ba Sing Se among others.
The main objective of this game is to protect your harvest. If you get under attack, you must complete your task defeating all your enemies in each level and battle. This game has different levels that you must complete to open new challenges and battles. This game allows you to start a game, to set options like music, volume and full screen, you can check instructions to learn how to play, you can check credits and you can exit the game.
Playing this game is very simple but with a lot of fun and with a complete action strategy. Challenge your strategy and become an expert defending towns in battles.

Birgilio Rivera
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